As part of Shame on You! project Center for Contemporary Arts Celje hosted:

ANNA DAŠOVIĆ (1982, Amsterdam)

About her practice:

In my work I focus on how we relate to our (visual) history. I engage in long-term projects that are characterized by a research-based approach, that ultimately give rise to the work. My choice of subjects often derives from personal involvement. I then transform the latter into a workable theme as a
framework for the research. In a world where histories are often displayed in a simplified and static manner I try to relate to these views with a critical attitude. I am particularly fascinated by the politics of memory and how the emphasis on certain memories – or the lacking thereof – is used to shape dominant views on history. I am currently researching notions of conflict in contemporary memory culture. The strains between local and national memories, the forces of in- and exclusion that are activated between them, lead to a constant remembering and forgetting. These forces become destructive for one another. The impossible nature of a consensual collective memory is a strong focus point within my research. In my work I unfold these structures by pointing out the tension between history and memories, its “truthfull” storytelling and its treasonous and inauthentic nature specifically. The ‘eternal’ image of the past is contested, memories become violent irruptions of the past in the present, which are transfigured in and outside the work. By implicating myself as an active agent, my own position becomes confirmed and contested constantly.


(Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Miloš Trakilović lives and works in Berlin. Main subject of his practice is the subject of the body or the corporeal. He questions the singularity of the human corporeal existence in relation to the multiple (co)existence primarily through the virtual real.




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